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    Final Thoughts On Fire Services, Time To Move On

    Final post in regards to Thorold Fire Services. Time to move on. And present more ideas in regards to reducing the tax burden on the citizens and taxpayers of Thorold.




    All Stations would remain open. With  improvements at Station 3. New building for fire trucks.


    I would not buy a new aerial. Instead sign a mutual aid agreement with  area municipalities.


    MUTUAL AID Page 88 of the report


    Mutual aid plans allow a participating fire department to request assistance from a neighbouring fire department authorized to participate in a plan approved by the fire-marshal.




    • Implement the 18 month plan
    • Turn station 2 into new headquarters housing chief, secretary and all current full-time personnel

    Station 2 has lots of space ( even more now that Niagara ems will be leaving) and is more central location in Thorold. This space would be beneficial for training  full time and part-time personnel. Its also wheelchair accessible. Unlike Station 1. Station 1 could then avoid the need to have money spent on creating more space because it would only house the volunteers. It could remain where it is avoiding the need to build a new station right away and allowing us to defer the cost of building a new station

    • Have only full-time respond to medical calls in all districts to save money.
    • Increase compliment of volunteer (part-time) from 110 to 140
    • Fill all volunteer vacancies every 6 months


    My plan will save the taxpayers substantial amounts of monies. And provide the same or better service. Not less.

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