• jimsbiocomp

    Jim Handley announces his return to the race for council!

    Deciding once again to run for Thorold City Council was an easy decision to make. For one, during the last four years the citizens have seen their taxes raised 7% – 9% – 7% & 5% for a compounded increase of 31%.

    It’s time again for the citizens to have a voice at city hall.  For I feel a better job can be done in regards to such increases.  It’s time we cut costs and still maintain or improve existing services with such drastic tax increases.  I believe when elected and with the support of a new council I will show the citizens and council just how we can save the taxpayers money and deliver the same or better services.

    I will be a voice for the people as I have been during my previous 10 years as a councillor.  I look out for all, not just a few.  So I ask you the taxpayers and citizens of Thorold whether it be our youth, adults, or seniors,  it’s time again for a vote.  It’s time again to let the taxpayer know what’s really going on at city hall.  You will be informed, you will be recognized, and you will be respected as all citizens should be.  I aim to serve you proudly, so you can say I live in Thorold, and be proud of such.

    With your support on October 27′th 2014 you will get the voice of Leadership, Experience, and Strength you deserve!

    Make it count! Vote Handley! He’s on your side.