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    Saving The Taxpayers Dollars

    On Aug/13/2014 I released my first post informing the public on ideas I would be bringing forward. Stating at that time my intention on reducing hydro costs by changing the current lighting system for street poles. And interesting enough the City of Thorold placed an ad in Niagara this Week Sept/4/2014 seeking R.I.F.’s for the conversion of existing municipal street lighting to new Light Emitting Diode energy efficient lighting.

    An item that the next council will have to deal with and make recommendations. Being a strong supporter of energy efficiency this was an item I was wanting to address during my term  from 2006-2010. But was never fully addressed by the council at the time. Since that time I have reviewed many energy efficient options available in replacing our existing lighting. I in fact introduced the city to the option of hedging part of the city electricity costs. Buy buying a certain percent of our hydro from the open market. Basically on the stock exchange. For our consumption met the criteria needed to do such. And the city immediately began to save monies. 10’s of thousands per yr.

    Seeing that LED lighting basically has taken everyone by storm over the last few years. Many municipalities are fixated on just the LED style lighting. Unfortunately I’m not on council. For if I was, I would have recommended that the city look at other lighting options. Not just LED.

    My research and looking at what other municipalities have done over the last 4 years. Has led me to believe that LED lighting in  regards to saving the taxpayers dollars may not be the best option over the long term.

    I’ve learned that some municipalities in Ontario have opted for Magnetic Induction Lighting instead of LED. See: Wikipedia Electrodeless Lamp.

    I believe from the information I have been able to obtain and research. That magnetic induction lighting to be the most cost effective technology to replace the existing HPS ( High Pressure Sodium ).

    On completing my analysis I determined that the magnetic induction lighting was a more cost effective alternative to LED technology when consideration was given to capital costs and life expectancy

    Unaware of the amount of street lights in the city I can not give an adequate estimate on savings. But based on the assumption that the city has say 1200 lights to change. By converting the lights to 70 watt magnetic induction style lighting. It could be estimated that the city could save between $30,000 to $40,000. Depending on electricity prices. That would be based on a current budget of between $200,000 to $240,000. A savings of 15 to 20% per year.

    In general, induction lighting is approximately 1/2 the capital cost and has about double the expected life span. Magnetic induction lighting has an expected life span of approximately 100,000 hours which is equivalent to 22.8 yrs.

    When elected to Thorold City council. This will be just one of the many plans I will propose and bring forward. For I believe as stated, it will be the next term of council that will make the choice.